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Hey! We understand. If you're anything like our typical client you...

  • Are you fed up with yo-yoing up and down in weight
  • Want to wear those old pair of jeans that used to fit
  • Hate intimidating gyms and bootcamps
  • Are tired of trying every fad diet there is
  • Want to reignite that magic spark in their relationships
  • Want to look good and feel good again
  • Want to learn how to train so you don't feel lost at the gym stuck on the cardio kit

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We motivate and inspire women who are ready to embrace their inner strength. Those who want a healthier, happier life. Creating a strong body AND mind.


Passionate and friendly personal trainers that don't bite but will bring out the best in you!

Meet the most in demand fitness couple in Essex, Shane Haron and Raychal Wackett.

Shane and Raychal are female fat loss specialists with a combined 14 years of experience. We have trained all kinds of women from local celebrities, to housewives and athletes so we understand the problems and issues you have struggled with in the past. No matter what your goals are, we have helped 100's of ladies achieve the exact same thing.

We aren't personal trainers that have just a one time basic personal training certificate. We love helping women and have spent thousands of pounds on continued education because we want to provide the best service possible.

Our goal is to help over 1000 Essex ladies just like YOU become the best version of yourselves. Fitter, leaner and happier while leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We have seen so many girls fail when it comes to fat loss through misguidance or poor advice and want to help you not only look good, but feel confident, sexy and happy in your own skin.


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