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We help women

Look stunning in and out of clothes

Improve their relationship with food

Stop feeling lost in the gym

Keep up with and set a good example to their kids
Battle their diet demons
Get fit, energised and feel amazing
Build sexy, feminine curves
Reignite that spark in relationships
Look even hotter than their younger years

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Friendly, passionate, expert trainers

Shane and Raychal are female fat loss specialists with a combined 15 years of experience. We have trained all kinds of women from local celebrities, to housewives and athletes so we understand the problems and issues you have struggled with in the past. No matter what your goals are, we have helped 100's of ladies achieve the exact same thing.

We aren't personal trainers that have just a one time basic personal training certificate. We love helping women and have spent thousands of pounds on continued education because we want to provide the best service possible.

Our dream is to end the diet struggle so many women face and liberate them so they can become the best version of themselves. Fitter, leaner and happier while leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We have seen so many girls fail when it comes to fat loss through misguidance or poor advice and want to help you look good, feel confident, sexy and happy in your own skin.

What makes us the best?

  • Female fat loss specialists

    We train women only. We understand how you feel because we have helped 100's of women with similar issues beat theirs and help them transform their lives. Whatever problems you may have we have already helped loads of women just like you.

  • Experience

    We have a combined experience of 15+ years in the fitness industry and have pushed our knowledge with ongoing courses. We aren't the personal trainers that get qualified and think they know everything over night. Nothing beats experience.

  • Not just a workout

    We don't focus on just training. We focus on your nutrition, your mindset and lifestyle as we believe in a holistic approach vs just a workout.

  • Private gym

    Private ladies only gym that is only open to personal training clients working with us by appointment only. Imagine a friendly gym where everyone supports and cheers you on, no one is judging you and theres an amazing atmosphere of girls working hard. Well thats exactly what we are proud to have created. 

  • We care

    We care about your goals and health and we're not just in it for the money. We hate the fads that prey on those that need help. We want the absolute best for you and we turn clients away if we aren't what they needs

  • Support outside the gym

    A lot of trainers will just train you and leave you to it. We give all the support needed with our private client Facebook and Whats App groups where everyone interacts and supports each other, answering those questions you forgot to ask at the gym.

  • We coach you

    We don't just tell you what to do and leave you to it, we teach you the skill sets needed for you to succeed on your own so you'll know exactly what to do even on your own.

  • We are regular people!

    We don't preach and act all high and mighty and would never ask you to do something we wouldn't. We aren't perfect at all! We have our own struggles with food and exercise at times but we have found a way to get and stay in shape and still have balance in our lives. 

Are you the perfect client for us?

With 15+ years of experience with 100's of women we know what is needed to get the best results. Every single client of ours that get amazing results meet the below requirements and every single client that doesn't, doesn't get anywhere near the results they are after.


Finally ready to make life long changes

Want results not excuses

Will weigh & track all food on myfitnesspal

Willing to put the work in

Consistently follows advice

Can workout at least 3x a week

Fills out their daily mindset diary

Looking for a quick fix / lacks patience

Drinks every weekend (more than 1 drink)

Not willing to take responsibility of your life

Doesn't prioritise health

Not willing to prepare your own food

Doesn't follow or trust our advice

No negativity towards others or yourself

Do not contact us if you are not willing to meet the above requirements

We are happy to help you meet the requirements but without effort on your part you will only be wasting your time and money as you won't achieve the results you are after.

Ready for the new you?

It won't be easy and you will struggle at times. But we PROMISE that if you are serious about your goals, meet the above requirements and you're willing to put the work in, with our help you will be more than happy with your results.


We are that confident in our ability that we offer a 100% money back guarantee as long as you meet the above requirements and put the work in. We have NEVER had to refund anyone.