About Fit in 4

We coach, not babysit

We like to take a different approach than most personal trainers. We believe that personal training should be all about YOU. Our goal is to increase your skill set and guide you not just give you orders to follow.


Personal Training should be an investment, you want to have a good return for your money (results, knowledge, confidence and saving money in the long run). You can invest in expert coaching with us for a period of time, never need to hire another PT again and stay in shape for life or you can hire someone else that will just tell you what to do but you'll never learn and you'll have to re hire them every time you want to go on holiday or lose weight and keep paying out more money never fully learning or gaining the confidence to do it alone.


Dieting and training is no different than learning to ride a bike for the first time. At first you will fail and it will be hard but with the right guidance you will get better and better at it until one day you have a skill set for life that you'll never forget. 


"Progress not Perfection"

We understand that by the time most people contact us we are typically their last port of call. They have already tried every fad diet and workout and finally decide it might be an idea to hire an expert to help them. At this point most clients are desperate and already want the weight off yesterday so motivation can be high which is excellent. 

What typically happens though is that people put too much emphasis on being all or nothing, 100% or 0%, on or off the wagon. They start cutting out different food groups, banning certain foods and starting an intense exercise regime when they haven't worked out for months if not years. Sooner or later, you might have a rough day at work, kids might be winding you up and you will undoubtedly at some point have one of your "banned foods" and end up thinking oh well I've ruined my diet now might as well start again tomorrow and end up pigging out like crazy. Some find it hard to start the next day and typically wait until Monday and thats if they do start again. 


Don't focus on being perfect. Just slowly better than before. Little by little it will bring you close to your goals and before you know it months will have passed by, inches and kg's lost and you will turn around and think wow, that was pretty easy. 

Change takes time, so don't be too harsh on yourself by trying to be perfect all the time as it doesn't exist, we are definitely not perfect with our diet by any means but we are consistent. Just keep progressing forwards and you WILL get there.

Your Personal Trainers


Shane Haron

I've been a personal trainer now for over 10 years, I've seen most fads come and go even though some refuse to die! I've been published in Now, Reveal and other magazines/papers. I've been trusted to work with a number of celebrities yet the majority of my clients are every day people just like yourself. My approach is a simple, sensible and results based that ANYONE can apply and achieve great results. I'm the brains and head honcho at Fit in 4. I'm very easy going and love pizza and Mexican. I'm just a normal regular guy not one of those fitness types that love exercise and eating healthy. It has taken me a while to figure this all out but if I can, I guarantee you can too. If you want to read my background story click below.

Shane's Story

My story 

My WHY started at school.
I was the quiet geek in the corner that was afraid to stand out. I envied the popular kids that seemed impervious to the insults and bullying and hated how mean other kids could be. The way they would analyse and judge you trying to find any possible fault and then use it as ammo against you.
It wasn't so much what they said particularly, but more the fact that it made you feel you wasn't perfect, or enough and that I was full of flaws.
I hated PE with a passion. Getting undressed in front of the others became an event filled with fear everytime PE came around. I was the weak skinny kid with glasses, a pot belly, acne and eczema all over my body. I'm sure everyone else in the room had their own insecurities going on, but its the stories we make up and tell ourselves how others perceive us that terrorise our minds.
Combine that with the notion that I seemed to be the most uncoordinated and unfit person amongst my peers. I was always picked last for any team sports and generally ignored by the teachers so they could focus on those that seemed to have endless natural ability.
It got so bad that I ended up trying everything from faked illness and injuries to purposely forgetting my PE kit. Sometimes this would backfire though and I'd end up trawling through the lost property bin for any item that hadn't been left to rot and would have to pair that up with my school shoes adding to the embarrassment even more.
Eventually the teachers stopped caring and gave up on us and we were allowed to sit around watching the others have fun.
School wasn't all bad, but those were some of the times that sucked.
I found comfort in food, the sugar would give me a rush and light up and excite my brain. I'd go through at least 2-3 bags of crisps, a few mr kiplings slices of cakes a day on top of whatever sugary shit I'd eat for breakfast, burger and chips for lunch and a cooked meal at dinner which would sometimes be smiley faces, spaghetti hoops and turkey twizzlers when my mum wanted something quick and easy.
This obviously didn't help with my self image and only served my growing belly.
I don't blame my mum, she wasn't educated. She knew no better and most likely subscribed to the idea of "Oh its fine they're kids, they are allowed to eat whatever". Unknowingly helping me create a bad relationship with food.
Towards the end of school after watching too much Dragonball Z most likely, I had been gifted a weights bench and began working out. I wasted plenty of time doing nonsense workouts but I did start seeing a change.
I hated typical exercise, I was unfit, uncoordinated, weak, slow, it hurt my body and made me feel exhausted. My heart would beat out of my chest and I'd feel like throwing up anytime I done anything cardio based. Weights though, were easy. I could feel the areas I was trying to work burn with every rep, every exercise and I got plenty of rest in between sets so it didn't feel too challenging.
As my body grew, so did my confidence. I was slowly starting to like the person I saw in the mirror. I was finally allowing myself to be happy and it sparked a passion inside of me. If I could feel this much happier about myself just from lifting weights and eating better why not help others do the same.
I started my personal training career because I wanted to help others with similar experiences.
11 years later of many ups and downs of how I've viewed myself, I'm still the quiet geek inside but I'm now at peace with how I look. Every time I diet or manipulate my body I learn and grow physically and mentally.
I still have things I want to improve about myself and I always will as I believe we can and should always look to better ourselves in every aspect of our lives.
I'm at peace because I am no longer powerless. I know 100% in my heart that if I want to change my body (within reason - I'm never gonna turn into The Rock, as much to Raychal's dismay lol) I have all the tools and knowledge needed to create an effective plan and then it just comes down to discipline, consistency and patience.
And THAT is what I want to give to YOU. The blueprint to success and the power to change yourself.
That is why we do the things the way we do. We want to educate, guide and nurture you, not babysit you.
Once you take ownership of your successes and failures and realise you are in control and the only person stopping you from being the best person you could be is yourself.
Honey Chicken and veg

Raychal Wackett

I have been a personal trainer now for 4 years.  Before this I was a PA in London for 8 years, I drank a lot, I hardly ate and I did hours of cardio.  I always had a passion for exercise and I have trained for about 10 years doing Muay Thai.  Since becoming a personal trainer I have turned around my eating habits and created a healthy relationship with food.  I now do heavy weight training mixed with Muay Thai and am finally happy with my body, best thing is I still get to eat cake which I love! If you train with me I will teach you how to create a positive mindset, fall in love with your body and build up enough confidence to continue your fitness journey long term. 

Raychal's Story

I'm Raychal, I am 35 years old (just! lol)

My journey started when I was 15 when my dad was diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer...
When I lost him my whole world fell down around me, I lost all respect for myself and all I ever saw was darkness ahead of me.
I went on a downward spiral drowning my sorrows with huge amounts of alcohol and I became obsessed with my body.
I developed bulimia as i wanted to be stick thin, and I would drink alcohol on an emtpy stomach which led to me getting in to all kinds of trouble, I lost friends and isolated myself away from my family.
It came to a point where I developed severe depression and I tried to end my life, I tried more than once! I started self harming in order to feel something and take my mind off of my emotional pain.
Things got so bad that I was sent to a mental health hospital where I stayed and had therapy, AA classes and was pumped full of antidepressants but none of this made me feel any better.

The last time I tried to end my life I was taken to hospital and the doctor told me that my blood wasnt clotting properly, he said that this was the last time I would come in to hospital and be able to leave, basically next time I would 100% be in a body bag.

Something inside of me woke up that day and I took a serious look at my life and realised I had to pick one of two paths. I chose the path of enlightenment not destruction. I had to do this 100% or not at all so I took myself away from alcohol, I threw away cigarettes, I threw away my pills and I started on the longest but most rewarding journey I would ever go on.

I had ups and downs, I fell backwards more than one time but I picked myself back up and fought my way through. I discovered Muay Thai, I started doing it professionally and found it helped me channel all my anguish in to a positive and healthy way.

It was around 30 that I decided I wanted to do something in my life where I could help other people, where I could make a difference and give my life and other peoples some meaning again. I completed a personal training course and found a way whereby I could help people regain not only their health, but their confidence and strength.

I am now so happy with myself, I have learnt how to appreciate my body and love my own company. I'm not so hard on myself if I have a bad day and my relationship with food is so good now that I cant wait to go to bed just so I can get up in the morning and eat all over again lol!

I dont regret anything I did in my past, without that journey I would not be here today in a position where I can help others and make a difference to so many lives.

Dont be so hard on yourselves girls, don't compare yourselves to others, be your own competition and don't be afraid to fail now and then, all you have to do is find the best version of you and do everything in your power to keep positive and love yourself x

Why you should trust us?

  • Celebrity Trainers - We have been trusted to train Arg and Tom Pearce from Towie, Pro Footballer Benni McCarthy, Chantelle Houghton and more
  • Featured in Now, Reveal magazine and other publications
  • 15+ years personal training experience, 10,000+ hours, 100's+ clients
  • Results based diet and training for the normal every day person
  • Honest, no BS advice.
  • 5* rating on facebook. Loads of real reviews.
  • Female Fat loss specialists

Our promise to you

We are not just personal trainers, you wont come to our studio and leave feeling alone and clueless. We will coach and guide you along your own personal journey.

We take pride in our work by continually learning and updating our knowledge to give you the best support and guidance we can. We will give you the tools and the support network you need to help you reach your goals so that you feel confident when you leave us that you can continue on your own.

We will focus on your mindest, nutrition, training and lifestyle and help your become a stronger more positive person who feels happy in your own skin.

We guarantee that if you follow our advice consistently, you will amaze yourself with what you can achieve.

Ready to change?