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Company Rebrand

Hey! We have decided to have a rebrand to coincide with the new year. Both Raychal and I felt that Fit in 4 didn’t really represent what we stood for as it sounds too vanity based and time pressured. We have decided on the name Live More as we feel health and fitness should enrich…
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Meet Kim

Meet Kim, 58. She’s an amazing client of ours that always puts the work in and we are very proud of how well she has done. Kim has always gone to the gym and did the usual cardio or classes but used to feel a bit lost in the gym without direction and never knew…
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Break the binge/diet cycle

Are you fed up of constantly feeling tired, hungry and miserable when dieting only to f it up and binge, followed by the guilt cycle of under eating to try and make up for the binges and never seem to be able to escape? Want to stop that vicious cycle today? Here’s what to do….…
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One of the reasons often overlooked when it comes to fat loss is satiety expectations. Some people are so used to eating until they feel full they almost can’t stop eating until they can’t eat anymore. When you are used to this you will be doomed to fail and completely over eat the calories needed…
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How much weight will I lose?

Fitness FAQ’s – How much weight will I lose in 4 weeks? I often get asked by potential clients before they have even started training how much weight they will lose in 4 weeks. Often with them hoping in vain that I will tell them all their problems will be solved in 4 weeks and…
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Top 5 things to look for when hiring a personal trainer

1 – Location If you need help with your technique, nothing is going to beat in person training. The number one deciding factor for any gym is location. Typically one that is 30 minutes or less to travel to. This will make sure its easy to get to and thus less chance of not being…
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