Ladies, Are you fed up of being told...

  • You're just lazy
  • Oh you just need to eat less and move more
  • You should try the _____ diet
  • You need to do _____ workout
  • Or hearing about the latest FAD the next "celeb" is pushing?


Do you find that NONE of it works or if it does work, you always end up back to square one not long after or in some cases even fatter than before?

Rapid weight loss

This is the biggest lie and our biggest gripe with the industry. 

Stop focusing on WEIGHT LOSS and focus on FAT LOSS. Ditch the scales and focus on how you fit in your clothes and progress pictures.

Any QUICK and drastic WEIGHT loss I guarantee will pile back on. And every time you do one of these fads your metabolism gets slower and slower. (Mostly from muscle loss, which is the majority of the weight lost instead of fat so you're lighter but still soft and flabby).

But those selling it DON'T CARE because it means you will keep coming back to them, NEVER getting to and maintaining your goal.


Every “Diet” (short term/restrictive) is set up to FAIL.

Any diet that has banned foods will make you subconsciously want to eat them. It's like saying DON'T THINK ABOUT THE PINK ELEPHANT and you automatically focus on it. 

Leading you to eventually breaking and eating all the foods you weren’t allowed and then feeling mega guilty afterwards, feeling like a failure and making your relationship with food even worse. 

Sound familiar?

Extreme workouts

Death by workout anyone?

Look, the chances are, if you are looking for a personal trainer you either don't LOVE exercise, lack the motivation or knowledge.

Some Personal trainers focus purely on intensity (bootcamp etc). Which is great for a push but what happens when you're on your own, will you push yourself that hard? Or give up because thats the only way you've been taught to train? Again leading to you to never succeed long term.

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    We focus on simple workouts aimed at building a strong feminine shape that will increase your metabolism and burn fat. You'll learn perfect technique and build enough confidence to follow these workouts on your own.

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    You will learn how to lose fat with ANY diet you choose and how to get in shape without cutting out your favourite foods.

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    Learn how to approach fat loss with a success mindset vs a failure mindset. Working on the inner you is just as important as the outer you with our daily mindset diary.

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    Learn how to still live a balanced lifestyle without being a hermit and get in shape at the same time. Whats the point of looking good if you have to sit at home! 

Its not your fault, the fitness industry has lied to you!

They have lied about...

The brutal Truth

Ladies, we would never lie to you just to sell our services. You deserve the truth and only once you accept the truth you will be able to get the results you are looking for.


Quick fixes don't exist. As soon as you start looking for shortcuts you've already lost. Instead focus on habits you CAN do on a long term basis. 

Our motto is "Progress not Perfection". Don't worry about sticking to something 100% and going mad with the gym, otherwise it will lead to you burning out and feeling frustrated when you don't see the results you are after. Focus instead on slowly changing your habits for the better and practicing your fitness skill sets


Take your time. There's no rush. you're gonna have to live with your body for the rest of your life. Doesn't it make sense to learn how to keep it in the best condition possible? You wouldn't wear an expensive designer pair of shoes while walking the dog or taking the kids football. You'd keep them in good condition so that when you do want to show them off they look amazing. 


If you're looking for a short term quick fix there's plenty of other trainers out there willing to take your money. But, if you want to lose that stubborn fat that you've been struggling with for GOOD...

We can help. It may be a little difficult at the start, but we promise you it gets easier and easier over time. I guarantee you will be surprised at what you can achieve with us by your side.


The Answer

Stop looking for a magic pill and instead focus on small habits you CAN do


Change requires change. Once you change your mindset from short term goals with an end date in sight (holidays, weddings, events), to a long term lifestyle change it becomes a positive movement focusing on  your health because you want to vs a negative idea of not being good enough for said event and having to do this diet and training regime.


Our brain has only so much decision making capabilities in a day. This is why previously when you have been on a diet and was left to decide what you were gonna eat, when you are stressed and hungry, its easy to reach for a chocolate bar instead of a proper meal. We understand because we have helped 100's of women just like you change their eating habits so they don't even have to think about it and it never feels like a diet.


The Fit in 4 way - Building your skill sets

We view diet and training etc as a skill set. Such as playing the piano. There will be some that pick it up easily (those that seem to always be in shape but don't know how) but most will struggle at first. It takes time though, and just like you would hire a piano coach to help you learn to play. We are your fitness coaches teaching you the skills you need to understand and implement the tools needed.


Our goal while working with you is to help you build good habits that last forever. We will show you exactly how you can get in shape in a way that is sustainable and that you can carry on doing after training with us.


Its an investment that will pay dividends in your life for the rest of your life. You only get one body and most don't appreciate their health until its gone. Don't be one of those people. Nurture your body so it can thrive. You'll feel amazing, free and confident in your body, abilities and skill to get in shape and stay in shape even when you're on your own.  Below are the four areas we focus on...