Break the binge/diet cycle

Are you fed up of constantly feeling tired, hungry and miserable when dieting only to f it up and binge, followed by the guilt cycle of under eating to try and make up for the binges and never seem to be able to escape?

Want to stop that vicious cycle today?

Here’s what to do….
1 – The most un sexy answer = take your time.

If you’re trying to lose your a stone 4 weeks before your hol you’re asking for too much. Give yourself enough time to actually succeed. I’m guessing you’d like to live for another few decades so it’s not like taking the slow approach will hurt.

2 – Stop starving yourself.

Most people know they need to eat less to lose weight but often go completely overboard and end up living on just meat and veg in the hope that it will get them there faster.
Yes it will work extremely short term but as you know it often backfires. Your body is smarter than you and any deficit of more than 30% of your maintenance calories will cause your body to sabotage your fat loss through hormone and appetite manipulation.

3 – Don’t go full zealot and cut whole macronutrients out.

Often people go low carbs. This would be fine if the average diet didn’t consist of 70%+ of carbs. Cut these out and you end up with little choice leading to boredom extremely quickly.
Use some common sense.

– Cut down on the calorie dense processed junk. 🍪🍩🍫
– Track your food intake on myfitnesspal app📱
– Use our calorie calculator to workout how many calories you should aim for (link in comments) ⚖️
– Eat more protein 🍳🍤🍗🍖 (1.5-2g per kg)
– Eat more veg 🥗 (5 servings a day)
– Add some healthy fats 🥑🌰🐟
– Make up the rest with some carbs/fun foods if your calories allow 🍚🥔🍦
Calorie calculator in the comments below. If you choose fat loss as a goal calories are set to -20% of your maintenance.

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