Meet Kim

Meet Kim, 58. She's an amazing client of ours that always puts the work in and we are very proud of how well she has done.

Kim has always gone to the gym and did the usual cardio or classes but used to feel a bit lost in the gym without direction and never knew what the "right" foods were to eat for fat loss.

Since training with us she knows exactly what to do when she's in the gym on her own and no longer stresses about her diet.

Here are her top 3 tips.

"1 - Track your food and be mindful of what you are eating. It can be a serious wake up call when you realise that quick coffee and cake at lunch time can take up 50% of your daily calorie goals.

2 - Hire an expert. If you want to fast track your results. Don't go it alone, it will save you time, effort and most of all stress of worrying if your doing the right thing.

3 - Create a goal of eventually doing it on your own. If you are too reliant on your trainer you will never push yourself to soak up the knowledge and put it into practice when you are alone."


I 100% agree with everything Kim has said. Our goals with our clients are to provide them with the skill set they need to thrive on their own. We are not trainers that babysit our clients for an hour and send them on their way.

We prepare you to never need a trainer or fad diet ever again.

That being said though, our clients do typically stay with us for 6+ months because they love it!

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