How much weight will I lose?

Fitness FAQ’s – How much weight will I lose in 4 weeks?

I often get asked by potential clients before they have even started training how much weight they will lose in 4 weeks.

Often with them hoping in vain that I will tell them all their problems will be solved in 4 weeks and they will lose a stone+, 3 dress sizes and the weight that they have put on over numerous years in a quick 4 week diet.

Of course its not that easy.

The average gym goer should be able to lose 0.5-2lb a week quite consistently depending on how much weight the person has to lose. The bigger you are initially the more weight you will shift.
So a potential of 2-8lb in 4 weeks. Sometimes more, especially as some will be water weight and sometimes less.

Especially when people are just getting started, they almost never get things perfect. It will take time fine tuning their diet until they are at a level where they are making progress and are also consistent with it.
When I explain that sometimes the answer will be zero or possibly not the loss that they will be hoping for, they can get disheartened, demotivated and want to question if its even worth the effort.


Scale weight is a shitty metric of progress and in actual fact quite boring if I’m honest.

It’s when our clients tell us that they
– Feel confident on the beach for the first time in forever
– Have enough energy to play with their kids all weekend
– Perform better at work because they have so much more energy
– Can fit into clothes they refused to get rid of years ago in hope they would one day fit back in them
– Enjoy working out instead of feeling like its a punishment

THAT is what we like to measure progress by and of course isn’t going to necessarily happen in 4 weeks but don’t fret.

Just focus on getting started, I promise you if you just keep going you WILL get there.

If you need our help just reach out and we are happy to have a quick chat.

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