Fit Chicks Personal Training

A new way to train

What is it?

Your own fully equipped private gym, expert fitness coach and up to 3 other women all training together using a simple yet extremely effective workout that focuses on sculpting a strong, feminine physique while burning off that stubborn fat. A buzzing atmosphere where everyone motivates and supports each other. Plus the ongoing support outside of the gym where you need it most with our Facebook and Whatsapp groups and personal contact with your trainer.




Because Semi Private Personal Training combines all the benefits of 121 PT and group training and none of the negatives.

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We used to exclusively offer 121 personal training as it is one of the best ways to get in shape. We were fully booked and wanted to help more people but didn't have the time or spaces.

We didn't want to go down the route of large group training as we feel it would dilute the quality and level of service we provide so we tried Semi Private Personal Training as it seemed a good compromise between the two as it is only 4 women max per group with typically two trainers present at any time.

The feedback from our 121 clients was so good we decided to focus 90% of our time on it. Our clients now get even better results, enjoy the sessions more, still get the same high quality coaching and save over half the price of 121 personal training!


What do you get?

4 weeks all inclusive of:

3 semi private PT sessions a week (121 would cost £500!)

Bonus Metafit/Open gym session Saturdays 8.30-10.30am

A diet that not only works but you actually enjoy

Private gym use (no need for a gym membership)

Mindset Manual

Support network outside of the gym. Daily accountability

Build and burn workouts focusing on building a stunning physique while burning fat

Access to our app loaded with your workouts

A first class, fast track education on what to do in the gym to get results

2 expert trainers that not only have the knowledge and experience but truly do care about you and your goals


Group 1

Monday 6.30pm

Tuesday 6.30pm

Thursday 6.30pm

Group 2

Monday 7.30pm

Tuesday 7.30pm

Thursday 7.30pm

Group 3

Monday 8.30pm

Tuesday 8.30pm

Thursday 8.30pm

Next intake starts in


4 weeks rolling

£300 /per month

  • 3 PT sessions a week (worth £480)
  • 1 Metafit workout a week (worth £40)
  • Diet set up (worth £50)
  • Mindset Diary (worth £20)
  • Use of the gym (Save £40 gym fees)
  • Home workouts (worth £20)
  • 30 min QnA (worth £30)
  • TOTAL WORTH = £660
3 Months (Lose 1 stone/1 dress size)

£275 /per month

  • 3 PT sessions a week (worth £480)
  • 1 Metafit workout a week (worth £40)
  • Diet set up (worth £50)
  • Mindset Diary (worth £20)
  • Use of the gym (Save £40 gym fees)
  • Home workouts (worth £20)
  • 30 min QnA (worth £30)
  • TOTAL WORTH £660
6 Months (Lose 2+ stone/2+ dress sizes)

£250 /per month

  • 3 PT sessions a week (worth £480)
  • 1 Metafit workout a week (worth £40)
  • Diet set up (worth £50)
  • Mindset Diary (worth £20)
  • Use of the gym (Save £40 gym fees)
  • Home workouts (worth £20)
  • 30 min QnA (worth £30)
  • TOTAL WORTH £660

Are you the perfect client for us?

With 15+ years of experience with 100's of women we know what is needed to get the best results. Every single client of ours that get amazing results meet the below requirements and every single client that doesn't, doesn't get anywhere near the results they are after.


Finally ready to make life long changes

Want results not excuses

Will weigh & track all food on myfitnesspal

Willing to put the work in

Consistently follows advice

Can workout at least 3x a week

Fills out their daily mindset diary

Looking for a quick fix / lacks patience

Drinks every weekend (more than 1 drink)

Not willing to take responsibility of your life

Doesn't prioritise health

Not willing to prepare your own food

Doesn't follow or trust our advice

No negativity towards others or yourself

Do not contact us if you are not willing to meet the above requirements

We are happy to help you meet the requirements but without effort on your part you will only be wasting your time and money as you won't achieve the results you are after.

Ready for the new you?

It won't be easy and you will struggle at times. But we PROMISE that if you are serious about your goals, meet the above requirements and you're willing to put the work in, with our help you will be more than happy with your results.


We are that confident in our ability that we offer a 100% money back guarantee as long as you meet the above requirements and put the work in. We have NEVER had to refund anyone.